Sony HDCAM SR, DigiBeta, DVCAM tapes, XDCAM discs, SxS-1, XQD cards LTO wholesaler

Sony DVM-60R3

US$2.00   US$1.40

Sony 10DT-60RA

US$3.60   US$2.20

Sony 10DT-120RA

US$4.00   US$2.50

Sony PDP35C

US$4.10   US$2.50

Sony 5DVM-63PS

US$4.30   US$3.00

Sony PDP65C

US$4.90   US$3.40

Sony PDP95C

US$5.50   US$3.80

Sony BCT-5MA

US$11.00   US$7.20

Sony BCT-10MA

US$11.50   US$7.50

Sony BCT-22SXA

US$14.00   US$7.50

Sony PDVM-12N

US$9.90   US$7.50

Sony PDVM-22N

US$10.50   US$7.50


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