XDCAM Professional Disc

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Maxell PD23SL

US$13.00   US$10.00

Maxell PD50DL

US$35.00   US$26.50

Mitsubishi PD023S Professional Disc 69038 wholesale deals bargains
Mitsubishi PD023S Professional Disc XDCAM ...

US$16.50   US$12.00

Mitsubishi PD050S Professional Disc XDCAM ...

US$32.50   US$24.00

Sony PFD-100TLA

US$96.00   US$82.00

Sony PFD-128QLW

US$98.00   US$84.00

Sony PFD23A wholesale disc deals bargains
Sony PFD-23A

US$17.90   US$13.50

Sony PFD-50DLA

US$49.00   US$29.50


US$12.00   US$9.00


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