Digital Betacam

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fujifilm digital betacam d321 d12 12 minutes tape sale
Fujifilm D321-D12

US$9.95   US$6.80

Fujifilm D321-D124L

US$40.00   US$32.00

Fujifilm D321-D22

US$10.20   US$7.00

Fujifilm D321-D32 Digital Betacam 32 minut...

US$11.80   US$8.00

Fujifilm D321-D40

US$16.13   US$11.00

Fujifilm D321-D6

US$11.50   US$6.60

Fujifilm D321-D64L Digital Betacam 64 minu...

US$18.80   US$13.00

Maxell BD-124L

US$33.00   US$25.00

Maxell BD-32

US$11.50   US$8.00

Maxell BD-34L

US$12.90   US$8.50

Maxell BD-40

US$15.00   US$11.50

Maxell BD-64L

US$16.50   US$12.50


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