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Maxell HDCAM 124 Minutes Tape B-124HDL Maxell HDCAM Videocassette, attains HDTV recording by increasing recording density to 1.4x more than the Digital Betacam format, offering superior quality digital HD picture for a wide range of applications from transmission to HD ENG/EFP. This is enabled by its high mobility compact cassette size. The tape employs super-fine Ceramic Armor Metal magnetic particles. Combining this with multi-orientation technology to effectively utilize its high magnetic energy, the tape has achieved a high output and low noise ratio. Low error rate is also reached by achieving superior C/N characteristics

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  Unit Typical value
Physical properties Tape width mm 12.65
Tape thickness μm 13.8
Magnetic layer thickness μm 3.0
Base film thickness μm 10.0
Backcoating thickness μm 0.8
Yield strength N (kgf) 25 (2.6)
Breaking strength N (kgf) 49 (5.0)
Residual elongation % 0.07
Magnetic layer electrical resistance Ω/sq. 1 × 1010
Magnetic properties Coercivity (Hc) kA/m (Oe) 131 (1,650)
Retentivity (Br) mT (G) 280 (2,800)
Squareness ratio (Br/Bm) - 0.85
Video properties Optimum recording current % 100
RF output (47MHz)* dB 0
C/N* dB 0

* Indicates a comparison with MAXELL reference tape.


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