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Panasonic DVCPro 66 Minutes Tape AJ-P66LP Panasonic DVCPRO Video Cassette recording tape is used primarily for newsgathering. The tape is 1/4 the overall size and 1/6 the weight of the standard 1/2" video cassette. It incorporates high-output metal magnetic particles which have made downsizing possible while delivering superb picture and sound quality. The tape has excellent tape transport stability and outstanding durability. A tough cassette shell and sealed structure assure durability, and prevent entry of dust or other particles into the cassette. The cassette also features a reel-lock mechanism that prevents tape sagging, and a slide-type erase-prevention mechanism to protect against mishaps.

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Magnetic Layer:  Metal particle
Base Film:  Super Smooth Film
Back Coat:  Back Coating
Tape Width:  6.35 mm
Thickness:  .
Total Tape Thickness:  8.5 μm (6.5 μm)*
Metal Magnetic Layer:  0.2 μm (0.2 μm)*
Non-Magnetic Layer:  1.3 μm (1.3 μm)*
Undercoating Layer:  0.1 μm (0.1 μm)*
Base Film - Thickness:  6.5 μm (4.5 μm)*
Back Coating Layer:  0.4 μm (0.4 μm)*
Magnetic Characteristic:  .
Coercivity:  183 kA/m
Squareness:  0.86
Retentivity:  370 mT
Footnotes:  * AJ-5P92LP and AJ-HP92ELG Weight and dimensions shown are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice. This product may be subject to export regulations.

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