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Panasonic DV 96 Minutes Advanced Master Quality AYDV-96AMQ

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Advanced Master Quality (AMQ) tape engineered for professional Master-Quality HDV, DV, and DVCAM recording. This flexible media provides unprecedented performance for DVCAM-compatible, HDV and DV SP Mode, and DV LP recording.

AMQ Tapes offer many features that keep it a step above the competition with 30% less dropout rates and higher output levels backed by Panasonic's S-AME (Super Advanced Metal Evaporation) technology yielding a higher magnetic density, providing +1.2dB higher output versus the competition.

Advancements in our Dry-Type Lubricant & Thick DLC Diamond-Like Carbon film development dramatically enhance durability for high speed shuttling, still-frame and professional editing as well as lowering video head wear and extending the head life over the competition. A surface treatment process further reduces the chances of head clog, while keeping output high and bit error rate low.

When designing the AMQ tapes, Panasonic paid special attention to keeping the AMQ tapes safe and protected from damage, making them rugged, tough and impact resistant, and more durable and reliable than other brands. The precision engineered cassette design has an ABS resin shell constructed to prevent warping and to protect the tape from any damage. An Anti-Static treated cassette lid repels dust particles and minimizes dropouts. To further increase tape protection, a side locking hard case was designed to prevent against accidental openings.

In addition, Panasonic's offers some additional features to its AMQ tapes to further make them the brand of choice. An easy write cassette label affixed to the cassette housing makes writing titles directly on the label quicker and easier. While the cases non-slip ribbed finish and special grooves allow for safe stacking and carrying within the production facility.


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