Panasonic AYDVM-63SQ


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Panasonic Mini DV 63 Minutes Digi Video Cassette Studio Quality AYDVM-63SQ

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Panasonic Mini-DV brochure

Magnetic Characteristics:  .
Coercivity:  120 KA/m
Max Residual Magnetic Flux Density:  400 mT
Squareness:  0.8
Recording Characteristics:  .
Data Signal:  .
Optimum Recording Current:  0 dB*
Output level (21 MHz):  more than –1 dB*
Frequency Response (21/10.5 MHz):  within ±2 dB*
Overwrite (10.5/21MHz):  less than 2 dB*
C/N (21 MHz):  more than –2 dB*
C/N (10.5 MHz):  more than –2 dB*
Tracking Signal:  .
Output level (0.47 MHz):  0 dB*
Overwrite (0.47/21 MHz):  less than –1 dB*
Impulse Response (1/90 Tb):  within ±5 %

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