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Sony HDCAM 32 Minutes Tape BCT-32HD - HDCAM Digital cassette incorporates Sonys advanced metal tape technology. Ultrafine metal particles and new calendering technology realize high C/N. High reliability that withstands repeated playbacks and edits. Outstanding archival characteristics

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Sony HDCAM brochure

Magnetic Properties

Intrinsic coercivity (kA/m) 132.0
Retentivity (mT) 290.0
Squareness (Br/Bm) 0.83

Physical Properties

Thickness: backcoating (µm) 1.0
Thickness: base (µm) 10.0
Thickness: magnetic layer (µm) 3.0
Thickness: total (µm) 14.0
Width (mm) 12.65

Video and Audio Performance

Recording Density (Mb/inch 2) 0.0
RF Playback output (dB) 0
C/N 0.0

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