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Sony DVCAM with IC Memory 40 Minutes Tape PDVM-40ME Standard DVCAM line-up consists of PDV-ME Series cassettes with built in 16 kilobit IC memory. The advanced evaporated tape from Sony makes Digital video recording possible. With a pure cobalt evaporated coating packing at high-density is possible. DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) protective layer for extra durability.

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Magnetic Properties

Intrinsic coercivity (kA/m) 105.0
Retentivity (mT) 500.0
Squareness (Br/Bm) 0.78

Physical Properties

Thickness: backcoating (µm) 0.5
Thickness: base (µm) 6.3
Thickness: magnetic layer (µm) 0.2
Thickness: total (µm) 7.0
Width (mm) 6.35

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